Reykjavik Restaurants

Deciding where to go for dinner in Reykjavik is almost impossible, simply because of the number of varied restaurants that fill this great city. Whatever you may crave, you will find it in Reykjavik restaurants.

In this section we feature restaurants that we would personally recommend to visitors, and as you can see there is a lot to choose from. There are many great oriental restaurants in Iceland and of course you can't forget that Reykjavik is home to some of the freshest, most succulent seafood delicacies in the world. Icelanders are very much into Italian food which explains the number of Italian- and pizza themed restaurants in Reykjavik. Overall, the variety is the best quality of dining in Reykjavik. Bon appetit, or as Icelanders say - Verði þér að góðu!

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  • Argentina Steakhouse

  • Address: Baronsstigur 11a, Capital Area, 101
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Kopar Seafood Restaurant at the Old Harbour

Kopar Seafood Restaurant at the Old Harbour Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

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Kopar is a restaurant by the old harbour in Reykjavik which has an emphasis on adventure and experience in a brasserie setting. Their menu is composed of various locally sourced ingredients...

Fish Company - Fiskfélagið

Fish Company - Fiskfélagið Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

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Reykjavik is home to many of the finest seafood restaurants in the world, one of which is Fiskfélagið, The Fish Company. Its main characteristics are quality, fun and fusion.

Perlan - The Pearl

Perlan - The Pearl Reykjavik-Area, Capital Area

Reykjavik's most striking pieces of architecture, with panoramic views of the city and fine cuisine in the cafe, restaurant and cocktail bar.

Torfan Restaurant

Torfan Restaurant Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

Torfan restaurant offers traditional French cuisine with a Nordic twist. It seeks a balance between traditional food and recent influences, and the outcome is a classical cuisine with a modern touch;

Seafood Grill - Sjavargrillid

Seafood Grill - Sjavargrillid Reykjavik-Centre, Downtown Reykjavik

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Seafood Grill serves fresh and innovative seafood delicacies and quality meat. Their main objective is to give the customer a deluxe traditional Icelandic food experience.

Snaps Bistro

Snaps Bistro Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

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Snaps is a classic bistro with a strong connection with Danish cuisine, situated at Odinstorg. Start off your weekend with a shrimp cocktail and an ice-cold shot, or "Snaps"

Austur Indiafjelagid

Austur Indiafjelagid Reykjavik-Centre, Reykjavik

Reviewers have called Austur-Indiafjelagid „A true taste sensation", "The best Indian restaurant in Iceland", "The epitome of an authentic dining experience" and "The safest bet for fine dining...

The Steakhouse - Steikhusid

The Steakhouse - Steikhusid Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

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The Steakhouse (Steikhúsið) is situated in the popular restaurant hub around the Reykjavik harbour. Not only does the menu offer the best steaks Iceland has to offer, beef, lamb or horse, but it also

Austurlandahradlestin - The Indian Express

Austurlandahradlestin - The Indian Express Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

The Indian Express (Austurlandahraðlestin) is a chain of high-quality Indian restaurants in Reykjavík with a charming Bollywood decor, serving an eclectic collection of modern day Indian street food.


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