Reykjavik Places of Interest


Akureyri North Iceland, North Iceland

Akureyri: The Capital of the North! The perfect jumping-off point from which to explore the rest of the North. Walk around the charming old town, check out the museums and see the historical church!

Perlan - The Pearl

Perlan - The Pearl Reykjavik-Area, Capital Area

Reykjavik's most striking pieces of architecture, with panoramic views of the city and fine cuisine in the cafe, restaurant and cocktail bar.

Tjörnin - the Pond

Tjörnin - the Pond Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

It's not the biggest lake in the country, but is certainly one of the best known.


Hafnaberg Grindavik, Reykjanes

A low cliff which attracts a great number of bird species, and sometime seals and whales, off the coast. Perfect for bird watchers from all over.


Hallgrímskirkja Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

Hallgrímskirkja has become Reykjavík's most recognisable landmark. The stately church is visible from almost everywhere in the city and the church's tower offers some of the best views in town!


Brimnes Neskaupstadur, East Iceland

Situated in the north of the town of Seyðisfjörður, Brimnes is a fishing estate, which used to be one of the major, largest and most popular fishing centres in East Iceland for centuries. Althoug


Jokulfirdir Isafjordur, West Fjords

A nature reserve in the northernmost Westfjord lands of Iceland, providing peaceful summer holiday lodgings for hikers and those looking for unadulterated relaxation.

Old Harbour Reykjavik

Old Harbour Reykjavik Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

The old harbour in Reykjavik is a beautiful and historic part of town which in recent years has been completely renovated, to become one of the nicest places in Reykjavik to get some food, do some sho


Atlavík Egilsstadir, East Iceland

Situated on the shores of Lagarfljót, Atlavík sits as a beautiful bay providing shelter to the trees surrounding it. Nearby is the Hallormsstaður woodland, which also includes two full-scale camping s

The National Gallery of Iceland

The National Gallery of Iceland Reykjavik-Centre, Capital Area

Founded in 1884 in Copenhagen, Denmark, The National Gallery of Iceland has come a long way from its origins. To begin with, the collection consisted of donated artwork, mainly by Danish artists. Toda


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