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Shopping in Reykjavik should be a dream come true for any shopaholic. The city is filled with fashion, books, vintage stores, flea markets, boutiques, outlets, antique shops, gourmet food, Icelandic design, outdoor clothing, souvenir- and gift shops.

Laugavegur is the main shopping street in downtown Reykjavik, along with Skolavordustigur and Hverfisgata, but the whole downtown area is filled with shops, some in the most random places. Icelanders are very creative by nature, and as a result of that you will find numerous local stores selling clothing, art and jewellery from Icelandic designers. Reykjavik has two large shopping malls where well-known brands can be found along with restaurants, cinemas and cafes. Whip out your wallet and treat yourself

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Volcano House
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  • Volcano House

  • Address: 11 Tryggvagata, Capital Area, 101

When Álafoss was established in 1896, it marked the true beginning of Iceland's wool industry. Álafoss is located in the Álafosskvos, in the old factory house by the waterfall Álafoss (Eel Waterfa...


Cintamani is an Icelandic outdoor clothing brand, tested in Icelandic weather on the doorstep of the Artic. Their main goal is to keep us warm, dry and comfortable, whatever the weather may bring.......


Praised in the international media as a bold and creative brand and adored by both children and parents - Íglo&Indí focuses on playfulness and comfort, with a fresh take on children's fashion an...


The story of Epal begins 40 years ago when Eyjolfur Palsson, founder of Epal returned to his home in Iceland after finishing his degree in furniture design in Copenhagen. From the beginning the main g...


You need something? An antique lamp? A new vegetable knife? Want to sample dried fish and fermented shark? Purchase a bag of Icelandic candy? Find a new dress for Saturday night? Whatever it is, you c...